Magmart videoart festival abre la Lista Roja 2011

Empezamos La lista del 2011.
El primero en formar parte es el Festival MAGMART iternational videoart festival.

AQUI puedes ver las bases completas y la web del festival.

Dejamos un extracto de las bases:

"The Festival is open to all international videoartists. Partecipation is free.
Between all submitted videos, will be done a final selection based on vote of a Jury composed by experts. The 30 selected artworks will become part of CAM permanent collection.
All sended materials don't will be return, and will be stored in the Festival's archive like documentation.

All the videos, selected or not, can be screened in any other place or event related to Festival, online or offline, with exclusion of any commercial use. "

No mencionan nada de pagar a los artistas.
No devuelven la copia enviada, se la quedan para su "permanent collection".
Proyectan cualquier video que hayan recibido sin pagar.

Por estos motivos abre la Lista Roja del 2011.

3 comentarios:

  1. You have a strange idea about 'invective' against artists - or, maybe, you live in a different world...
    There isn't no one festival, worldwide, that pay the artist to show their artworks. No one. And with reason, due the participation is free (if you like, participate, if you don't, no), and this offer a visibility to artists that they don't should have in other way.
    The Magmart festival collect just digital artworks. So, the return or not of artworks don't change nothing for the artists, due she/he preserve the original copy and all the rights. Magmart festival, that don't require any fee to participate, and that take on all the festival cost, have its only advantage in the increase of its archive - that, anyway, is an advantage for videoart in general.
    I think that without festivals like Magmart, the chanche for young videoart artists should be very poor. And that your approach is - contrariwise - harmful for them.
    Come back on the real world.

    Enrico Tomaselli
    Magmart Festival Art Director

  2. Dear Mr Tomaselli,

    I think that the one that has an strange idea of how the art world works, or should work is your Magmart organization.

    There many, many, festivals, and Art Fairs who pay the artist, o pay the copy... digital artworks ARE not different that other kinds of art forms... They should be respected, even though they are more reproductible than paitings, or sculptures... but the discussion about art reproduction is really "demodé"... Digital art is not FREE ART!

    The chance you give in Magmart, is not A FAVOR to young videoartist, it is stuck in an old time conception of art.

    Videoartist dont need favors, we need RESPECT

    Come back on the LEGITIMATE world

    A Young Videoartist

  3. Hello. Mr Tomaselli.
    I also think you have a strange idea of videoart, and how it´s working in the art market.
    We already know that there`s a lot of festivals which don´t pay nothing for the artists.

    But if you go to Lista2010 you will find some in the Green list that pay for screening, honoraries, travels & hotels to the artists to participate. That is the normal thing.
    When you want to build a house you must pay the workers.
    Also the idea of making a Festival's archive with all the material that artist send to you is a very easy way of taking the work of the others for free.
    We really don´t agree with that, you must destroy the pieces you don´t select (that´s the normal thing- or in case that artist give to you for free you can have it).

    "and this offer a visibility to artists that they don't should have in other way."
    Maybe is better to upload your videos in youtube or vimeo, it´s sure that more people will enjoy
    this pieces. More than the visibility you offer in an art-festival. So visibility is not a good deal.

    Young artists need to be payed. If you don´t pay you´re exploting them, also putting them in a precarious situation.

    Magmart is not a good examlple for young artist & we recommend NOT to participate in that kind of iniciatives. Only this, we just recomended.
    Nice to speak with you.
    Kind Regards.